Maria Marx

Maria resides in Moscow, Idaho with her husband, two kids, dog, and a bearded dragon named Viggo. When she isn't painting, she is cleaning the houses of The Palouse ( her company Leave-No-Marx ), hanging with the kids, or running the trails of the town. 

Maria studied art and music at Oregon State University with emphasis on oil painting. While at the university, she worked on another area of interest that involved her love of using her hands : music instrument repair. After graduating from OSU, Maria moved to Renton Washington to continue her interest in music repair at one of three schools that offer such a degree. Graduating early,  she was hired at a repair shop in Redmond Washington. 

Although Maria's painting was put on hold during the repair years, a turn in events led her to stop repairing instruments and start creating art on a full-time basis.

In 2016, after settling in Moscow, Maria's art studio of her dreams was built on the end of her house. She now paints with the abundance of natural light that is let in from the over sized windows.