finger painting!

So I mainly use pallete knives. I somehow found my gloved fingers on the canvas smoothing something out. Then down down went the palette knife and four more fingers joined the first and a painting is currently unfolding! I’ll shoot a picture when it’s done. It’s fun and who knows where this will lead too! The only thing that must not happen is those fingers creating smooth texture! I’ll have to brief them on that!

The Easel

I inherited the most wonderful custom made easel this list week! It belonged to my college art teacher that I adored. His children knew how much I loved him and contacted me to see if I’d like to have a print of his work. of course i said YES! I went to visit His studio one more time before they sell their home. His son asked if I wanted his easel and again i said YES! Also another framed print I acquired.

The easel is 9 feet tall included build in spot lights and large enough canvas holders for more than one canvas or one huge one. If I ever sell more art i may turn to large ones. so my husband go a trailer to fit it perfectly and we drove it from Oregon to Moscow Idaho! It was worth everything! Now I have two large easels! Oh how many pieces I can make!!!!

Here’s what it looks like! : A 9′ x 5′ Trailer!IMG_9678 (1)IMG_9678

Thank you Berk and Family! I will add much paint to his!!!