The Easel

I inherited the most wonderful custom made easel this list week! It belonged to my college art teacher that I adored. His children knew how much I loved him and contacted me to see if I’d like to have a print of his work. of course i said YES! I went to visit His studio one more time before they sell their home. His son asked if I wanted his easel and again i said YES! Also another framed print I acquired.

The easel is 9 feet tall included build in spot lights and large enough canvas holders for more than one canvas or one huge one. If I ever sell more art i may turn to large ones. so my husband go a trailer to fit it perfectly and we drove it from Oregon to Moscow Idaho! It was worth everything! Now I have two large easels! Oh how many pieces I can make!!!!

Here’s what it looks like! : A 9′ x 5′ Trailer!IMG_9678 (1)IMG_9678

Thank you Berk and Family! I will add much paint to his!!!